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pets talk: I Won’t Blame You

on November 29, 2011


When I first saw Dou-Dou-Lon (transliteration of 豆豆龍) the Shih Tzu, she was just 4 years old, and yet she was quiet, well-behaved and a little shy. I couldn’t stop complimenting Dou-Dou-Lon; her Mom(owner) just smiled, didn’t say much. Not until Dou-Dou-Lon started to talk that I knew about her advanced cancer.

Dou-Dou-Lon: I’m sick. It’s severe. You have to brace yourself; I might not be able to stay with you any longer.

Miss Dolito and I were shocked. Look at her, a young and pretty dog. It was hard to imagine that she didn’t have much time to live.

The Mom: There was one day when I found she didn’t eat her feed. But when I gave her some dog snacks she ate them. So I thought she was just being picky about food then. But few days later she didn’t even eat snacks, and I had to force her to eat something. I started to feel weird, so I took her to the vet, that’s when the vet told me that… she was already in her last stage of cancer!

Hard to believe. Dou-Dou-Lon’s Mom blames herself for being so careless, but even we or other people might just do the same and unintentionally ignore the fact.



Dou-Dou-Lon: The vet said it’s incurable. I feel sad. . . never thought that I would have this disease. . .

The Mom: Me either! I never thought this kind of thing would happen to you. . .

Dou-Dou-Lon: Take care of yourself.

Dou-Dou-Lon robbed her head in Mom’s arms; it’s her way of being passionate. Her time was running out and she was trying to make the most of it.

Dou-Dou-Lon: I’m so happy that I can talk to you today! I hope I can have another chance to talk to you.

The Mom: But the waiting list of pet consultation ends in 2026, doesn’t it? I don’t think we can have a second chance in the near future. . .

Miss Dolito: That’s not a problem. You’re welcome to take her to me again. I’ll manage to find time for her.

Miss Dolito actually has little free time, but to accomplish the little wish of Dou-Dou-Lon, she’s willing to help.


Dou-Dou-Lon: I don’t feel well. My appetite has been poor. . . I’m unwell both physically and mentally.

We all felt sad and silence seemed to take over. But Dou-Dou-Lon suddenly broke the silence.

Dou-Dou-Lon (to her Mom): Something’s wrong with you.

Dou-Dou-Lon’s Mom looked extremely confused. It could be that something had been troubling her, but she had no idea what it might be that Dou-Dou-Lon referred  to. Or it could only loose lips due to Dou-Dou-Lon’s bad mood.


Dou-Dou-Lon: We just moved to a new place. I’m happy about it, but few days later I got sick.

It’s too bad that you thought you can have a new start in a whole new place but what you found was a bad news. Dou-Dou-Lon noticed her Mom started to frown, so she quickly changed subject.

Dou-Dou-Lon: My children are very naughty.

Dou-Dou-Lon and her Mom (in unison): But cute!


Miss Dolito shared some orange with Dou-Dou-Lon. Dou-Dou-Lon’s Mom didn’t think she would have it, but she did. We could tell that she was really happy at the time that she was willing to eat something. Being able to tell her Mom what was on her mind was a comfort to Dou-Dou-Lon.

Dou-Dou-Lon’s Mom stared at her, thinking of her condition, and asked if Dou-Dou-Lon would blame her for taking her to the veterinary hospital.

Dou-Dou-Lon: I won’t blame you.

She was accepting her fate. Her Mom had done enough for her after all. And she knew that Mom loved her for real, and she loved her Mom, so she didn’t want her Mom to take the blame either. The most important thing is that they could live happily together— no regret, no sorrow, so that Dou-Dou-Lon could rest in peace at last.

April 20, 2011


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