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pets talk: Promise Me

on November 24, 2011

A fantastic weekend trip with our favorite pets is definitely one of the best things to keep in memories, especially when you’ll have the chance to hear what’s on your pets’ mind. Three years ago, when we posted the information about Miss Dolito and pet consultation on the internet, tens of thousands of people and pets were enrolled in one afternoon. Now the waiting list ends in the year 2026. We can’t enroll anyone because few pets can live till then. That’s one of the reason why we’re holding charitable activities monthly now; so that those who didn’t get enrolled in time can still have the chance to hear what their pets want to say.

Bao-Zi (transliteration of 包子) is a very smart Shih Tzu, who impressed us much. Why did I say that? Keep reading and you’ll know. (And I’m trying a different way of story-telling, hope you like it!)

Many pet owners promise their pets to let them have lots of tasty food if the pets talk; we learn that from experience. But Bao-Zi’s story was totally different.

Bao-Zi: I hope you can promise me…

Miss Dolito: Did you promise her something? lots of snacks if she talks, or something like that?

The Mom: No we didn’t. Does Bao-Zi want to have snacks as her prize for talking? (to Bao-Zi) Do you? Do you want some meat? I can let you have meat if you talk!

But to our surprise, Bao-Zi didn’t ask for snacks or meat; she wanted something else, something that’s more important to her.

Bao-Zi: I want you to promise me some things if I talk today.

We were shocked to see a pet asking its owner for something as an exchange. The owner must have treated her pretty well that she dare do that. Bao-Zi’s Parents laughed out loud.

Bao-Zi: Don’t laugh. I’m serious!

The Parents: Okay! What do you want us to promise you?

So Bao-Zi listed her requests as below:

1. Get rid of other pets.

2. I want to visit Grandma regularly. Don’t make we wait (for the next visit) for too long.

3. I don’t want to eat feed; I want human’s food.

4. Usually I’m totally alone at home. One of you should stay with me.

5. Don’t have babies.

Bao-Zi: That’s all.

We were totally lost for words. Bao-Zi’s Parents kept their mouths wide open, but no voice came out. We understood why Bao-Zi had such requests, but it was barely possible to realize them except for request #2.

Speaking of other pets, Bao-Zi didn’t like to play with them, which made the Parents wonder why.

The Dad: Why don’t you play with other dogs?

Bao-Zi (arrogantly): I despise them.

The Mom: Then what about the cats? Why don’t you play with them?

Bao-Zi (pissed): Just the thought of them can drive me mad! Both the cats beat me, those bitches!

(And because of this, Bao-Zi sincerely wanted her parents to throw the cats away. But of course, that’s never gonna happen.)

The Dad: How about your health? Do you have any problem?

Bao-Zi: I got chest tightness. Sometimes I feel very uncomfortable.

The Parents kept it in mind, and would take her to vet as soon as possible.

The Dad: Do you have anything to say about Grandma?

Bao-Zi: Grandma’s still working. She’s laborious. She owns the business and she’s been doing well!

The Dad: Wow, you know everything!

Later the Dad told us that his mom was teaching dance classes.

Bao-Zi: She has a lot of customers(students).

The Dad (nodding): That’s right.

Bao-Zi: I’m hungry. (After saying so much, she finally got hungry.)

Then Bao-Zi’s Dad referred to the requests Bao-Zi had said, he wanted to talk more about it.

Bao-Zi: Never mind. I was just saying. Have I talked enough?

She’s starving so she tried to end this talk. But not before she said everything she wanted to say.

Bao-Zi (to the Dad): I’m afraid that there will be changes in your job.

Miss Dolito: Are you changing your job or…?

The Dad: I want to!

Bao-Zi: Don’t! If you quit, you’re jobless, and it’s hard to find a new job! (How smart she was!)

Bao-Zi (suddenly to Miss Dolito, referring to her Dad): He abandoned me.

Miss Dolito (to the Dad): Why did she say that?

The Dad: I didn’t abandon her! It’s just that, her Mom and I were living together but now we live separately. She took the 2 cats and Bao-Zi with her. (to Bao-Zi) Do you want to move back and live with me?

Bao-Zi(looking elsewhere): I’m finished. (All of us were lost for words again, but laughed really hard.)

Sorry sir but Bao-Zi could only think about her dinner now!

November 06, 2009

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