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pets talk: Don’t Send Me Away

on November 23, 2011


There was a couple bringing their pet DuoDuo (transliteration of 多多) to Miss Dolito, the wife looking a bit upset. DuoDuo (a Shiba Inu) seemed to be well-behaved, so it kinda bugged me that: shouldn’t the owners be happy and excited about what their pet was going to say? Everyone there was looking forward to the time when it was their turn, why did the owner of DuoDuo pull a long face?

DuoDuo began to talk. “I think I’m handsome.” said DuoDuo with confidence. DuoDuo’s Mom(owner) told us that they met DuoDuo on the street, but he looked too good and confident to be considered as an abandoned dog. Their guess was that he either ran away from a family or from a puppy mill.


“I don’t bark a lot. I behave myself. I’m a civilized dog.” said DuoDuo. His Parents nodded, and he continued, “I’m an adult and not neutered yet. I can still have babies.” No wonder DuoDuo kept looking out at other dogs; he was looking for an ideal girlfriend I guess.

“I bite only dogs. I don’t bite humans.” While DuoDuo said this his Mom had an awkward look on her face. Later she showed us the bandage round her injured hand and told us that it was caused by DuoDuo. We finally knew the reason why DuoDuo’s Mom looked so serious.


DuoDuo’s Mom said that was not the first time she got bitten, and it was hard for her to stand it. The only thing that she wanted to hear from DuoDuo was WHY he bit her.

Miss Dolito said that, DuoDuo was actually explaining to his Mom that he didn’t mean to hurt her. DuoDuo’s Mom didn’t get it. So Miss Dolito went further to explain: every animal as well as human had its own ’emotional button,’ something it cared about , loved or hated the most. If we didn’t want to make others mad, we’d better not push the ‘button.’


It could be that DuoDuo’s Mom did something and made DuoDuo feel offended without knowing it. Then DuoDuo bit her by instinct. It was just a reflex, and DuoDuo also felt terribly sorry.

DuoDuo’s Mom thought for a while and said, every time she tried to wash DuoDuo’s feet, he bit her right when she grabbed his legs. So that was what offended DuoDuo. DuoDuo’s Mom could just put a clean towel on the floor and let DuoDuo step on it instead of grabbing his leg and getting bit again.


DuoDuo said to his Mom, “You want to send me away; you don’t want to raise me.” DuoDuo’s Mom said that she was struggling. She did think about give DuoDuo to others but the sense of responsibility drew her back. “I feel worried. Please don’t send me away!” DuoDuo begged his Mom, looking pretty sincere. Except for the biting problem, DuoDuo was perfect. And we believed the problem could be fixed if DuoDuo’s Mom acted more carefully.

November 05, 2011

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4 responses to “pets talk: Don’t Send Me Away

  1. Duoduo needs a vet check. He may have tender paws. Desexing him may also help. If his vet check is normal then she can be trained on desensitising him to palpation of his feet. The biting issues will only escalate if they are not addressed appropriately. I recommend a vet behaviourist!

    • dolitotaiwan says:

      Hi thank you for advising.
      Actually his Parents already did that but the situation didn’t change.
      That’s why they’re so desperate that they took him to Miss Dolito and wanted to know what on earth was on his mind.
      They’re also considering getting him neutered now but still are hesitating.
      When we confront problems we go to the professional, but if we want to know what’s really on our pets’ mind, I’d recommend Miss Dolito; there’ll be no contradiction. 🙂
      Thank you again for the comment! 🙂

  2. You are most welcome. Best of luck 🙂

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