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About Dolito: The Beginning

on November 20, 2011


Everything has a beginning.

Miss Dolito’s special gift was totally a surprise. She has been a psychic since as a young girl; she’s been communicating with God to help people since she was 15. This road is not easy to follow, especially for a girl. So she tried several times to run away, but only ended up worse; that’s when she realized it’s her fate to be a psychic.

After she accepted her fate, she ‘worked’ hard to improve her power to be an even better spokeswoman for God. She understood that her psychic power was not meant for earning money, but for helping people.

Here is the part the reader of this blog might be most interested in: the first dog that ever talked to her. See the photo above? He is one of Miss Dolito’s pets, MowMow (transliteration of 毛毛)the schnauzer. Miss Dolito has like 13 or 14 dogs, and only 3 children.

About ten years ago, Miss Dolito was doing the housework while MowMow came to her. She suddenly heard a voice saying, “Little Sister stole your money.” She looked around and there was no one, no God, and no ghosts either. “Maybe it’s just hallucination.” She thought to herself. But few seconds later she heard the voice again, saying the same thing.

She turned around again, and looked at MowMow. “MowMow, was that you talking to me?” said she, but she herself could barely believe this kind of thing. However, the voice said, “Yes.” with MowMow looking straight into her eyes.

“Little Sister stole your money.” said MowMow, “She dug two 50-NTD coins from the piggy bank.” Detailed, wasn’t it? So Miss Dolito decided to ask her youngest daughter just to confirm this.

Her daughter denied. Miss Dolito looked at MowMow; the latter said firmly, “I saw it. She stole the money.” Miss Dolito asked her daughter again, and told her that MowMow had seen it. The daughter felt weird because she didn’t believe that animals could talk, and she denied again.

This time, Miss Dolito told her that she knew the daughter stole money from the piggy bank, not the drawer. She Knew that the daughter stole 100 NTD, but with 2 coins, not a bank note.

The daughter began to look nervous. She asked her mother, “Not that I did it, but who told you this?”

“Like I said, MowMow told me.” replied Miss Dolito.

“No way, he’s just a dog.” said the daughter.

Miss Dolito and MowMow looked at each other as if MowMow was talking to her again. And then Miss Dolito told her daughter, “MowMow was at the door when you stole the money; he saw it. Was that true?”

Finally the daughter admitted.

Since then Miss Dolito started to test this special ability with her friends’ pets. And little by little, more and more people know that there is a lady who can understand what the pets say. When she comes 100% sure about her gifted ability, she knows that she has to use it to help animals just like her psychic power to help people.

That’s when she’s devoted all her leisure time to helping animals. She became a volunteer of TienYuan(天元) Life Care Association, and she offers a service, we called it ‘Pet Consultation’ here in Taiwan, all for free. She simply wants to deliver the concept that animals have feelings just human, and that we should love them like we love our family, not abuse or abandon them. She also raises funds to help poor stray animals. She’s been doing it for 10 years, and she will do it in the rest of her life.


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  1. Paul Sanchez says:

    This is very intriguing, You are a quite skilled blogger. I have joined your rss feed and look forward to looking for far more of your wonderful post. Also, I’ve shared your internet web site in my social networks!

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