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pets talk: I Know I Died

on November 13, 2011

Everybody asks the same question: How on earth can Miss Dolito understand what animals are saying? If you’re also wondering, then you’ll be overwhelmed when I tell you that she can also communicate with pets (or people) that are already dead. But the fact is simple; the key is the soul. I don’t know how many people consider it creepy, but I am 100% sure that it is a big comfort to those owners whose pets are gone.

How can we make sure the dead pet’s soul has followed the owner to see Miss Dolito? Usually souls have to attach to something that belongs to them; the best thing for them to attach to is their ashes. If they’re buried in other ways (i.e. tree burial, sea burial) and there’s no ashes to be collected, we can try their remnants and photos, but the possibility to find them is smaller.

Nikki(transliteration of 妮姬) was a very cute poodle. Her Mom(owner) took her ashes to Miss Dolito, looking sad and tired; she desperately wanted to know if Nikki was still with them and how had she been? Miss Dolito looked at Nikki’s photos, trying to sense her presence, and after a short while she told Nikki’s Mom that Nikki was there. “You are not living with us. “ Nikki said to her Sister, who lived outside of home by herself.

“You don’t like dogs.” Nikki said. The Sister smiled and said gently to Nikki, “Yes I do. I like both cats and dogs.” Nikki’s Sister owned a cat but no dog, and that was why Nikki took her wrong. Pets’ thoughts were very simple and straight. A little bit naive sometimes, but cute.

If you have seen the film The Sixth Sense starring Bruce Willis, you’ll know sometimes the dead don’t know that they’re already dead. And that is true according to Miss Dolito, who has so many experiences communicating with the dead. Sometimes even if they know they’re dead, they just can’t accept, and they can’t move on.

Nikki’s Mom wanted to know if Nikki knew that she was already dead? “I know I died.” replied Nikki. Nikki’s Mom began to feel like crying. Nikki went on and said, “Mom loved me the most. You didn’t treat little brother as good as you treated me.” Nikki’s Mom nodded. Nikki was her favorite; she loved her far more than the other poodle Rainbow(whom Nikki called ‘little brother’). And it was because Nikki was her favorite that she could not accept the fact that Nikki had passed away.

Nikki said to her Mom, “I know that I died, but you can’t accept it.” Nikki’s Mom cried hard; it was so true that she could not let go. But Nikki wanted her Mom to know that even though she seemed gone, she was actually around, like an angel looking after her family.

“You’re divorced. You want a company, but don’t stay with someone simply because you don’t want to be alone.” Nikki said to her Mom, hoping that she could protect herself. and then Nikki said to her Sister, “Don’t be fooled again. You trust others too easily.” Nikki was really worried about her Sister, “Don’t forget what I told you!” The Sister told Nikki not to worried too much; they would take good care of themselves.

December 27, 2009

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4 responses to “pets talk: I Know I Died

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  2. weathervane says:

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    • dolitotaiwan says:

      Hi, welcome to the blog world!
      I personally recommend you to use a free platform.
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      Good luck! 🙂

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